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My name is _____________. I’m calling for Retro Poll.
This is not a sales call; we do public opinion polling, and your number was chosen at random for a brief interview. Would you be able to take a few minutes of your time to respond to our poll on current U.S. government policies?
Are you 16 or over?
Thank you

1. In your personal opinion which statement best describes the impact of the U.S. Government's War on Terrorism:
a) It has been effective at reducing terrorism
b) It has created more terrorists and terror supporters
c) It creates public support for war and for greater government control of our lives
d) none of the above/ not sure

In the rest of this poll, you will notice that the first half asks for factual information and the second half asks for your opinions. In the first part it is better to say you don't know than to guess the answer to any question. Few people will know all the answers so don't feel bad about saying you don't know. But please try and be honest and complete the poll. We'll tell you where to find the right answers to the factual questions later. Ok?

2. True or False: Without exceptions, torture is a crime under U.S. law and a crime under International Treaties the U.S. has signed.

Correct answer: True

International and U.S. law prohibits torture and other ill treatment of any person in custody in all circumstances. In the U.S., the prohibition applies during peace, armed conflict, or a state of emergency. Any person, whether a non-citizen or U.S. national, is protected.

3. The earth's surface is rapidly warming. There is a controversy over whether this is due to controllable human produced carbon dioxide or is a natural occurrence. This controversy is generated by
a) differences among scientists
b) those who oppose government regulation of industry
c) liberal propaganda
d) don't know or none of the above

Correct answer: b)

Actually, there is no controversy. There is a consensus of scientists throughout the world that believes the earth is warming rapidly and that this effect is largely due to human production of green house gases.

In part, the press is responsible for creating the controversy by misleading reporting, by attempting to balance the views of a few scientists against the views of the majority. This is a style of reporting that is alleged to provide the reader, listener, or viewer with all sides to a controversy when, as in the case of global warming, there really are no longer any reasonable scientists except for those funded by energy companies that deny warming is occurring and that most of it is due to human activity.

A major source of the opposition has been from the energy industry: One of the biggest opponents of action on global warming has been the energy industry, and particularly the oil industry, such as ExxonMobil, which regularly publishes papers mitigating the threat of global warming. In 2005, it opposed a shareholders' resolution to explain the science behind its denial of global warming. In recent years, other companies have increasingly come to accept the existence and consequences of global warming; for example, the Chairman of BP, John Browne, declared a need for action in 2002. Lord Oxburgh, non-executive chairman of Shell, said in a speech at the 2005 Hay-on-Wye Festival: "We have 45 years, and if we start now, not in 10 or 15 years' time, we have a chance of hitting those targets. But we've got to start now. We have no time to lose."[5] of global_warming

4. The number of Iraqis involved in the 9/11 attack on the U.S. was:
a) 8
b) 0
c) 19
d) don't know

Correct answer: b) 0

None (0) of the 9/11 attackers came from Iraq. Most of the attackers came from Saudi Arabia

See complete list:

5. Is there evidence that Saddam Hussein worked with Osama Bin Laden's Al Qaeda? (y/ n/ d)
(y=yes; n=no; d=don't know)

Correct answer: No

There is no evidence that Saddam Hussein worked with Osama Bin Laden. In fact, they were enemies and Bin Laden called for the ouster of Saddam Hussein by the Iraqi people. Not only did Bush and members of his administration lie to the US and the UN about this issue, but also they continued to "spin" the news reports that refuted their position. And in doing so, were helped by the corporate media.

Saddam Hussein also denied having worked with Osama Bin Laden.

And if it is difficult to see that no link between Bin Laden and Hussein existed because the corporate media supported the Bush administration claim of a connection, the 9/11 Commission was crystal clear: no link between Iraq and al-Qaida.


Please state yes or no to whether the US Government has removed or otherwise infringed upon each of the following Rights from the United States Constitution's Bill of Rights: (hint: if a statement I read is not from the Bill of Rights the correct answer would be No)

6. The guarantee that accused persons have the right to a speedy and public trial. (y/n/d)

Correct answer: Amendment VI guarantees the right to a speedy trial. The Patriot Act allows confinement indefinitely and the US government continues to confine US and non-US citizens without trial.

7. The right to be charged with specific crimes or be released.(y/n/d)

Correct answer: Amendment VI guarantees the right to a speedy trial. Amendment VI also guarantees the right to be charged with specific crimes; The Patriot Act permits the Government to jail people without charge or being able to confront witnesses against them. The Patriot Act allows confinement indefinitely and the US government continues to confine individuals, often in secret prisons, without charges.

8. The right to take up arms against the government. (y/n/d)

Correct answer: No The right to take up arms against the government is not specified in the Constitution. The Second Amendment preserves the right to keep and bear arms and implies a right to form a citizen militia (similar to the National Guard) for the common defense. The current U.S. administration has not infringed upon the Second Amendment.

9. Protection against unreasonable searches and seizures in our private lives and homes. (y/n/d)

Correct answer: Amendment IV guarantees freedom from unreasonable searches; the Patriot Act allows search and seizure of our private papers and effects without probable cause to assist a terror investigation.

For citations relevant to answers 6, 7, 9, see

10. The right to act first and ask questions later if someone makes us feel fearful. (y/n/d)

Correct answer: No

This is not a right. In effect, the Government's policy of preventive war is a form of "act first and ask questions later" but is the primary war crime according to the Nuremberg principles. Preventive war is, very simply, the supreme crime that was condemned at Nuremberg, at the trials of the German Nazi leaders.

11. The International Committee of the Red Cross charged that the American military has intentionally used psychological and physical coercion, in other words torture, on prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. (t/ f/ d)
(true, false or don't know)

Correct answer: True

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has accused the U.S. military of using tactics "tantamount to torture" on prisoners at the U.S. Navy base in Guantanamo Bay, The New York Times reported.

12. In the past 3 decades, the number of people in the U.S. convicted of murder, sentenced to death, but later proven to be innocent and released is:
a) less than 10
b) between 10 and 65
c) over 120
d) don't know

Correct answer: c) over 120

Since 1977 when the death penalty was re-instated 120 people convicted of murder and sentenced to death have been subsequently proven innocent and released.


13. In March, 2006 the Hamas organization was elected by a vote of the Palestinian people to lead a Palestinian government in which country:
a) Palestine
b) Israel
c) no country--because they live in territories under the rule of Israel's army
d) don't know

Correct answer: c) No country

Currently, the Palestinian people have no country. Hundreds of thousands were displaced from their ancestral homes in Palestine by Jewish armed forces in 1948 and have been stateless since that time. Millions live in various countries throughout the World. Other millions live in the equivalent of Bantustans in Palestine under control of an occupying army: Israelí Defence Forces, which have controlled these Palestinian communities since the 1967 war--in violation of numerous UN resolutions and international law.

See: territories east/4650300.stm

14. A once-secret process called rendition has been used by the CIA to deliver suspects to countries like Egypt, Morocco, Syria, or Jordan, each of which is known to use torture in their interrogations. (t/ f/ d)
(True or False or Don't know)

Correct answer: True

Extraordinary rendition is an extra-judicial procedure, in which US government agents send suspects, often-innocent civilians, to countries other than the United States for imprisonment and interrogation. In a number of cases, these suspects have been sent to countries known to use torture in their interrogations.

See: rendition

15. Troops returning from war often have mental problems including suicide, severe depression, inability to reintegrate with families or community, anger, and violent tendencies. What percentage of GIs returning from war in Iraq accessed mental health services in their first year home according to a US army study.
a) 5%
b) 26%
c) 35%
d) don't know

Correct answer: a) 35%

In 2004, a report in the New England Journal of Medicine claimed that 17% of the U.S. forces had psychological problems at the time of demobilization.

According to a recent report in JAMA, 35% of Iraq war veterans accessed mental health services in the year following returning home.

These veterans show mild memory and attention lapses but better reaction times in the short run. But they could signal more serious mental health problems later, such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

16. The right of the United States to go to war against another country that does not agree to the demand that it disarm is:
a) preserved in the US Constitution
b) agreed upon by most countries
c) outlawed by the United Nations and International Law
d) don't know

Correct answer: c) outlawed by the United Nations and International Law

No country, including the U.S. has the right to go to war against another country that does not agree to the demand that it disarm. Such a war would be illegal by international law. Such a war would represent the fundamental violation of the Nuremberg principles and contravenes the UN charter.

UN leader says Iraq war was illegal

So does US proponent of the Iraq war:,2763,1089158,00.html

The following questions ask for your personal opinion. If you agree with more than one answer choose the one that best represents your view. If you have no opinion or your opinion is not among the choices, please so state.

17. The government response before and after the Katrina Hurricane in New Orleans was:
a) reasonable given the difficulty of the problem
b) irresponsible and negligent toward many New Orleans citizens
c) excellent
d) don't know

18. The many people who cross into the U.S. without permits and stay here to live and work are:
a) a terrorist threat
b) a natural result of enforced economic inequalities between nations
c) scofflaws who are taking advantage of our country
d) don't know

19. The US Supreme Court has previously ruled that it is legal to execute innocent people if correct legal procedures were followed. Given that over 120 people have been proved innocent after having been wrongly sentenced to death by the US Court system, should we continue to execute convicted murderers knowing that some will be innocent? (yes, no, don't know)

20. Do you support or oppose creation of a national health fund providing total health care insurance coverage for every American at all medical institutions, with the elimination of health insurance company profits and out of pocket patient costs? (s/ o/ d)

21. Should the U.S. immediately withdraw all its troops and military bases from Iraq in a safe and orderly fashion? (y/ n/ d)

22. Do you support or oppose the U.S. government torturing people in captivity? (s/ o / d)

23. Do you agree or not with the government's position that people detained at Guantanamo must be dangerous criminals or they would not have been seized in the first place? (a/ n/ d)

Rank each statement from 1-5 as to whether these behaviors by the administration disturb you: (where 0 means doesn't disturb and 5 means very disturbing)

24. claiming Saddam Hussein was a threat to justify war and the occupation of Iraq (0,1,2,3, 4, 5)

25. authorizing the National Security Agency to spy on our phone lines (0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

26. violating US and international laws against torture (0,1,2,3,4,5)

27. restricting or removing many rights guaranteed by the US constitution (0,1,2,3,4,5)

28. Should President Bush and Vice President Chaney be impeached? (y/ n/ d)

29. Should President Bush be tried for war crimes such as the murder, torture and indefinite detention of detainees? (yes, no, don't know). (y/ n/ d)

30. Was Israel justified in destroying the infrastructure of Lebanon and killing over 1,000 non-combatant civilians in response to Hezbollah's capture of 2 Israeli soldiers? (y/ n/ d)

31. Would military attacks on countries that do not give in to U.S. demands--such as Iran, Syria, Venezuela or Cuba--cause you to become more supportive of or more opposed to the US government? (s/ o/ no opinion)

Please provide your
age (32)____;
sex (33)____;
highest educational level(34)_____
(G=grades 1-11, HS=high school grad, SC=college without a degree, AA=2 year degree, BA=any 4 year degree, AD=Advanced or professional degree);
City (35)_______;
State (36)___;
Ethnicity (37)____
(NA=Native American, AP=Asian/Pacific Islander, AA=African American, LA=Latin American, CA=European-American, DS=Decline to State, BR=Biracial)

38. Lastly, please name your single best of source of news and political information? ____________________ (try and avoid broad answers like "TV", "radio"or "the web" and try for a specific network, program, blog or news service).

Thank you so much for participating in our poll and for caring enough to share your views.
For answers and links to the factual questions please check our web site at any time. Final poll results will be posted on October 12, 2006.


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