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My name is _____________. I'm calling for Retro Poll,
a non-profit public interest group.
Are you willing to take a few minutes of your time to respond to our poll?
The general topic is public views on U.S. government policies.
Are you 18 or over?
Thank you

1. In your personal opinion which statement best describes the impact of the current U.S. Government's War on Terrorism:

a) lessening world tensions and improving chances for peace
b) having little impact on terrorism
c) creating enemies and terrorists and harming the quality of our lives.
d) none of the above/ not sure.

In this poll, we are interested in whether Americans agree with each other on the impact of government policies in the war on terrorism and other areas of national policy. You will notice that the first part asks for factual information and the second part for your opinions. In the first part it is better to say you don't know than to guess the answer to any question. Few people will know all the answers. Please try and be honest and complete the poll. We'll tell you where to find the right answers later.

2. Since 1900 one U.S. president resigned who was likely to be impeached by Congress and another was impeached. Were those two presidents? a) Ford and Carter b) Reagan and Ford c) Nixon and Clinton d) don't know

Correct Answer: c) Nixon and Clinton

Richard Nixon was deeply involved in the cover-up of the Watergate break-in June 17, 1972 and other illegal activities. He resigned from office August 9, 1974 rather than face certain impeachment.

William Clinton was impeached on the basis of two articles passed by the house December 19, 1998 for giving false and misleading testimony regarding the Paula Jones case and his relationship with Monica Lewinsky (#1) and for cover-up of evidence related to the Paula Jones case (#2). Clinton was impeached, but was acquitted on February 13, 1999.

3. Which nation invaded Kuwait in 1990? a) Saudi Arabia b) Iraq c) the U.S. d) don't know

Correct Answer: b) Iraq invaded Kuwait

4. "Which nation has most weapons of mass destruction and supplied some to Iraq? a) Russia b) U.S. c) North Korea d) don't know

Correct answer b) U.S.:
The U.S.A. has the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons and recently began development of a new generation of nuclear weapons designed to destroy deep, reinforced bunkers. For a listing of stockpiles held by the US, Russia, France, UK, and China, see

The US has altered its nuclear policy so that first-strike use of such weapons is now a critical aspect of this policy.

Because of the current warfare in the Middle East and the previous use of chemical and biological weapons in the region, it is important to review the stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons. As of 2002, this list included Iraq, but we now know that Iraq had no stockpiles of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons at the time of the US-UK invasion earlier this year, despite the claims to the contrary made by the Bush and Blair administrations.

And, as indicated in question #7 below, the US and Germany were among the leading suppliers to Iraq of materials required for development of chemical and biological weapons prior to the first Gulf war. US corporations supplying Iraq:

By contrast, the USA has the largest stockpiles of nuclear and chemical weapons in the world. The chemical weapons are distributed in several large stockpiles:

By treaty, the US is obligated to destroy these weapons, as it has been reported to have destroyed its stockpile of biological weapons.

The cost of disposal of these weapons is enormous.

But recently, the Bush administration has balked at trying to enforce the biological weapons ban.

Even more frightening, is the size of the nuclear stockpile.

5. Is there evidence that Saddam Hussein worked with the 9-11 terrorists?

Correct answer: No
No link to 9/11 has been declared or found. Although comments by the President and his top people sometimes make it seem otherwise, neither the President, members of his administration, nor anyone else has provided any credible evidence or facts that Hussein worked with the 9/11 terrorists. There are many websites and books documenting the lies of Bush and other members of his administration:

The hijackers came from many different countries, but mostly from Saudi Arabia:

There are reports that some of the men accused of being hijackers and who allegedly died on the airplanes are still alive:

6. Is there evidence that Saddam Hussein worked with Al Qaeda?

Correct answer: Saddam Hussein had no connection with the 9/11 terrorists or Al Qaeda,

7. In the 1980s which of the following nations did not provide money and chemicals and biological agents to Saddam Hussein to construct weapons of mass destruction? a) Germany b) U.S. c) Cuba d) don't know

Correct answer: c) Cuba did not provide weapons to Iraq, but US and Germany did.

US corporations supplying Iraq:

Germany and other European corporations also supplied Iraq:

A list of many of the arms suppliers to Iraq, except German, can be found at:

A list of some of the German arms suppliers to Iraq can be found at:

8. In the 1980s Which U.S. president sent Donald Rumsfeld to Iraq to support and work with Saddam Hussein shortly after he had used outlawed poison gas against Iranian troops? a) Carter b) Reagan c) George Bush Sr. d) don't know.

Correct answer: b) Reagan sent Rumsfeld to Iraq to establish diplomatic relations immediately after Saddam Hussein attacked invading Iranian troops with poison gas. For time line:

9. USA Patriot Act authorizes investigations against terrorist suspects and defines a terrorist suspect a) as any person suspected of engaging or planning violence against civilians b) as any person suspected of violent crimes c) broadly enough that it can include any person opposing U.S. government policies d) don't know

Correct answer: c) broadly enough that it can include any person opposing U.S. government policies: One new definition of terrorism and three expansions of previous terms also expand the scope of surveillance. They are 1) § 802 definition of "domestic terrorism" (amending 18 USC §2331), which raises concerns about legitimate protest activity resulting in conviction on terrorism charges, especially if violence erupts; adds to 3 existing definition of terrorism (int'l terrorism per 18 USC §2331, terrorism transcending national borders per 18 USC §2332b, and federal terrorism per amended 18 USC §2332b(g)(5)(B)). These new definitions also expose more people to surveillance (and potential "harboring" and "material support" liability, §§ 803, 805).

10. Does the U.S. Constitution guarantee accused persons the right to a fair and speedy trial and the right to be released unless charged with a crime? (y, n, d)

Correct answer: YES The Sixth Amendment to the U. S. constitution (part of the Bill of Rights) guarantees accused persons the right to a fair and speedy trial and the right to be released unless charged with a crime trial. See:

There is no amendment authorizing the government to detain suspects indefinitely. Article I, section 9 of the constitutions forbids congress to suspend the right to a writ of habeas corpus except in the cases of rebellion or invasion. Habeas corpus is the right to be freed unless convicted and sentenced to prison. Authorization for indefinite detention has been absent from U.S. law for over 200 years until 2001 when President George W. Bush issued an executive order permitting indefinite detentions of suspects without a requirement that they be charged, tried in a court, found guilty or innocent and sentenced. Indefinite detention also violates Amendment VIII of the bill of rights, which states: "excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed,

11. More than 197 cities and towns and 3 states have passed resolutions concerning the USA Patriot Act. Do these resolutions a) call for vigorous law enforcement of the Act b) ask that it be strengthened c) call for the removal of key provisions because they violate our democratic rights. d) don't know

Correct answer: c) These towns and states demand removal of key provisions of the USAPA because they violate our democratic rights. When this question was written 170 cities and town had passed such resolutions and in just the past 2 months the number has increased to 197.

12. Does deregulation mainly cause a) competition b) monopolization c) neither d) don't know?

Correct answer: Deregulation leads to monopolization:
A socialist view:

Ralph Nader view:
Another view

According to Doug Dowd, deregulation will always lead to formation of monopolies, particularly in industries such as electricity.

13. The U.S. spends more money per person on health care than any nation on earth. Among nations, where does the U.S. rank in various health outcomes such as infant mortality and life expectancy achieved? a) best b) 10th to 15th best c) 20th to 54th d) don't know.

Correct answer: c) 20th to 54th

To read about the U.S. healtcare system with insight into possible reforms, see Health Care Meltdown by Bob LeBow, MPH. Originally published as paperback in 2002 by JRI Press, Boise, Idaho and now published in hardback by Alan C. Hood & Co., Inc., Chambersburg, PA. See page 145 on U.S. rank in various health outcomes versus money spent.

14. Which statement best describes a result of the World Trade Organization's agreements intended to tear down barriers to international trade? a) removes the right of nations to protect their environment and their workers health and safety b) creates a world at peace c) helps put an end to hysteria about environmental catastrophe d) none of these or don't know

Correct answer: WTO agreements remove the right of nations to protect their environment and their workers health and safety. These WTO agreements on world trade hurt the environment and ignore workers health and safety.
Greenpeace view on WTO and environment;

WTO failed to protect worker's rights

What you always wanted to read to understand the problems with WTO rules, regulations, and agreements.

15. Does the use of genetically engineered seeds in agriculture tend to make small farmers in the U.S. and in other countries financially dependent upon the corporations who hold patents to these seeds? (y, n, d)

Correct answer: The use of GE seeds tends to make small farmers financially dependent on the corporations who hold patents to these seeds in part because patent laws forbid farmers from collecting and reusing seeds from these plants. As the following articles indicate, there are even more serious problems. For the effects of seeds, see:

What farmers think about the seeds:

16. The Middle Eastern nation that has the greatest arsenal of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction is: a) Iran b) Syria c) Israel d) don't know

Correct answer: c) Israel. For more information about Israel and the bomb, see:

The person who first revealed the existence of the secret Israeli nuclear weapons program was an Israeli nuclear technician, Mordecai Vanunu. He was abducted from England by Israeli agents, tried for treason in Israel and has been imprisoned for over 17 years, 12 of them in solitary confinement. He is due for release in 2004.

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Thank you so much for participating in our poll and for caring enough to share your views. For answers to the factual questions please check our Web Site at Final poll results will be posted on November 24, 2003.

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